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Registration deadline is April 15, 2007. Please ensure your team is registered and registration fees paid by this date to avoid late fees.

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Kingston is located halfway between Montréal and Toronto. It is accessible by air, road and rail.
City of Kingston web site (maps):

Air Travel

The options for travel to Kingston vary depending on where you are coming from. Toronto Pearson is the most common choice. Other airports you may consider flying to are Ottawa and Montréal in Canada, or Syracuse in the United States. Considerations are cost, convenience, and the scheduling of connections. Scheduling is the key, as sometimes an inexpensive bus ride might end up being the most convenient. If you want the assistance of a Kingston Travel agent you can contact

Toronto Pearson

Flying to Toronto Pearson gives you the most options for the final leg to Kingston. Note: The only way to directly fly to Kingston is via Toronto.

  1. Air Canada Jazz offers daily scheduled flights between Kingston and Toronto (1 hour flight).
  2. Coach Canada has a bus service three times daily from Toronto Airport right to Queen's Campus (4 hours).
  3. The VIA Rail station in downtown Toronto is accessible by a bus from the airport (2.5 hour rail + 1 hour connection to downtown station).
  4. Rent a car (3 hour drive).
  5. You can pre-arrange for a shuttle to pick you up when you arrive (3 hour drive).
Montréal Trudeau
  1. The VIA Rail station at Dorval is very close to the airport and all Montréal Kingston trains stop at Dorval (2.5 hour rail + short connection to the Dorval VIA station.)
  2. Rent a car (3 hour drive).
  3. You can pre-arrange for a shuttle to pick you up when you arrive (3 hours).
  1. Rent a car (2 hour drive).
  2. You can pre-arrange for a shuttle to pick you up when you arrive (2 hours).
Syracuse U.S.
  1. Rent a car (2.5 hour drive).
  2. You can pre-arrange for a shuttle to pick you up when you arrive (2.5 hours).

Note: You will be landing in the USA and will need to have required documentation to enter the United States at the airport. You will then exit the USA and enter Canada through a border crossing located about 45 minutes East of Kingston. Please ensure that you have all of the required documentation if you choose this option.

Rail Travel

VIA Rail service between Kingston, and Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa.


Kingston is on Highway 401, the main East West thoroughfare in southern Ontario. Kingston is about 300 kilometers from Toronto, Montréal and Syracuse, and 200 kilometers from Ottawa. Kingston does not pose a traffic problem, but the traffic in Toronto can get nasty, and you need to traverse Toronto when driving from the airport to Kingston. The airports in Montréal, Ottawa and Syracuse are all more or less on the Kingston side of those respective cities and traffic will be less of an issue.
Directions from Toronto Pearson International Airport: Google Maps
Directions from Ottawa International Airport: Google Maps
Directions from Montréal Trudeau International Airport: Google Maps
Directions from Syracuse Hancock International Airport: Google Maps

City Transportation

Kingston is a small city, distances are short, so taxis are inexpensive. It will cost approximately $15.00 from the airport to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour or St. Lawrence College and $12.00 from the VIA station.
Given advance warning, The OC will provide transportation from the Kingston terminal (air, bus or train) of your choice to the venue.