2007 Youth Worlds Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you would like to help out with the 2007 Worlds, but are unsure what to volunteer for, let us know and we will be happy to help you explore options. If you are interested in volunteering for planning and preparations prior to the event, please contact the office.

The following are general descriptions of tasks:



Information and administration

  • Staff information desk and provide general regatta information and general information about Kingston
  • Daily volunteer registration/information
  • Lunch distribution
  • General office tasks
  • Check accreditation at entry points


  • Set up area for awards, including national flags and national anthems
  • Co-ordinate with results department for winner sheets
  • Keep awards in order for presentation


  • Assist with preparing for and coordinating the opening and closing ceremonies. 

Jury Secretary

  • Set-up jury desk
  • Hand out protest forms
  • Log in protest forms received
  • Post protest list
  • Assist with scheduling


  • Assist in setting up social events for participants and volunteers
  • Set up debriefings
  • Facilitate activities


  • Inventory control (maintain records of equipment signed out and returned)
  • Preparing equipment for each race management team.  
  • Assist with set up of regatta equipment prior to the event

Medical/First Aid

  • Assist with basic first aid treatments (appropriate training required)
  • Assess and have communications call ambulance if required
  • Set up and equip first aid area with appropriate signage

Registration and Accreditation

  • Enter registration information into computer
  • Pack registration kits
  • Prepare registration and accreditation area
  • Check pre-registrations and issue accreditation and registration kits
  • Includes registration for accommodation


  • Enter race result into computer
  • Put out results sheets
  • Maintain results boards in the lobby
  • Liaison with media and awards
  • Photo copy results sheets as needed
  • Help with competitors inquiries as requested by the jury and/or RM

Site Services

  • Set up and rigging of competition equipment
  • Set up and signage of event areas, inside and outside.
  • Secure area checkpoints
  • Sponsor banners and signage

Sponsor services

  • Provide information and event opportunities for sponsors. Ensure that contractual obligations are met and new opportunities explored

VIP care

  • Provide VIP care on and off the water including during special events such as opening and closing ceremonies.



Race Committee

The Race committee and safety fleet work in cooperation to provide the sailors with fair and safe competitions

Several different jobs are available on the various Race Committee boats

Signal Boat

  • Driver
  • Timer
  • Sound signaler
  • Flag officer
  • Recorder
  • Recorder/Deck Hand

Line Boat

  • Driver
  • Line judge
  • Recorder

Finish Boat

  • Driver
  • Recorder
  • Line judge
  • Recorder/Deck hand

Mark Boat

  • Driver
  • Mark set/deck hand

Safety Boat

  • Driver
  • Deck hand

Boat Owners

Supply and pilot your own boat. If you are unable to pilot your boat find a suitable person to do so. Boat owners are encouraged to perform rescue or race committee jobs

Boats are required for the following areas: - (required on water for 7 days – 8 days duration due to the lay day.) 

3 Race committee boats
3 Line boats
3 Finish boats
6 Mark boats
3 Spare gear boats
3 Coach boats – 15 to 20 coaches per boat.
12 Rescue boats – RIBs preferred
1 Media boat
4 On water jury boats – side by side seating
1 VIP boat


Boat Launch

  • Assist sailors during launch and return to help get the equipment moved gently and efficiently.
  • Assist sailors with boats and dollies going in and out of the water
  • Assist in traffic control on the road, both cars and boats on dollies
  • Organize dollies as the sailors go out on the water and get dollies ready as sailors are returning


  • Record sailors going out sailing and coming back to keep track of who is on the water
  • Report to the safety chief

Event Communications 

The communications central serves as a connection point for all communications, including communication and information flow from the on water operations to the shore administration and vice versa.

  • Maintain communications with all on water activities
  • Maintain running (written) log on races
  • Record communications
  • Liaison between on water and ashore activities

Media/Press services

The media services provides information to attending representatives from the media, develops press releases and updates for the website and for e-mailing to various publications.

  • Post news and results to website
  • Interview sailors, volunteers etc.
  • Prepare stories about the event
  • Liaison with local and other media
  • Round up people for interviews
  • Work with media boat to organize on later opportunities for visiting media representatives.